‚ÄčIdentifying and collaborating with partners

This section provides guidance on seeking support with identifying partners and keeping things confidential.

Identifying partners

Your School Associate Deans for Research (ADR) and Enterprise (ADE), the Research Development Team and the Enterprise Office can assist you with identifying potential research partners.

Discussing your ideas confidentially

Confidentiality Agreements (sometimes called a Non-disclosure Agreement) are important as they protect you, your research, your potential collaborators and the University from being exploited.

Confidentiality agreements must be drafted and signed off by designated University signatories.

To request a confidentiality agreement, please send the information listed below to your School Research Support contact or, if you are unsure who that is, email research.contracts@lboro.ac.uk.

  • Organisation name and registered address
  • Areas of discussion
  • Date that discussions are due to commence


Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

If you need a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), for either Incoming or Outgoing materials, then you will need to select the relevant Checklist and Appendix below:

-          Incoming MTA Checklist and Appendix      

-         Outgoing MTA Checklist and Appendix

You will need to complete the relevant Checklist (HTA Relevant Materials or non-HTA Relevant Biological Material and Chemical substances), and also the information requested in the Appendix.

Once the Checklist has been signed by the relevant person, please send the signed Checklist and Appendix to research.contracts@lboro.ac.uk.  

If you have any questions regarding MTAs please contact Karen Coopman (K.Coopman@lboro.ac.uk) or regulatory@lboro.ac.uk if HTA relevant material or Julie Turner (J.M.Turner@lboro.ac.uk) if non-HTA relevant biological material and chemical substances.