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23 August 2022

Seminar: Metallic nanoparticle synthesis by metal-reducing bacteria; linking resource recovery to high technology applications in the circular economy?

Presented By Prof. Jonathan Lloyd - Professor of Geomicrobiology, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Manchester University
  • Room S2.031, S Building, Loughborough University
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11 August 2022

Workshop - Circular economy: Nexus with water, energy, resources and beyond

Presented By Various, including from Prof. Jason Zhiyong Ren, Princeton University, visiting fellow of Loughborough Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)
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26 July 2022

Showcase - SlowCat MiniCDT

Presented By Keynote lecture by IAS visiting fellow Dr Jorge Beltramini from Queensland University of Technology, Australia
29 June 2022

Seminar: Waste-based Biorefineries for Sustainable Production of Biochemicals

Presented By Dr Vinod Kumar - Senior Lecturer in Microbial Technology and Biorefining at Cranfield University
19 July 2022

Seminar - Work conducted at QUT, Australia with a view to future collaborations

Presented By IAS fellow Dr Jorge Beltramini from Queensland University of Technology, Australia
2 February 2022

Beyond Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: Advanced Methods for Studying the Dynamics of Electrochemical Processes

Presented By Tanja Vidakovic-Koch - Head of the Electrochemical Energy Conversion Group at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems in Magdeburg, Germany
27 January 2022

Seminar/webinar - ‘AI for Interdisciplinary Scientific Discovery’

Presented By Professor Ankit Agrawal (Northwestern University) Dr Gareth Conduit (University of Cambridge) Professor Rafaella Ocone (Heriot Watt University) Professor Isao Tanaka (Kyoto University)
  • Loughborough London campus LDN.1.04 and virtually via Zoom
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    This event will take place both in-person at Loughborough London – LDN.1.04 and virtually via Zoom. For more information and to book your place, please click here

8 December 2021

Seminar: Multiscale modelling of advanced materials and interfacial phenomena

Presented By Karen Johnston, Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
5 November 2021

Kimberly-Clark Distinguished Lecture

Presented By Professor Muhammad Sahimi, USC, California
6 October 2021

Seminar: From O&G to Renewables: Chemical Engineer in Action

Presented By Joseph Wee is a senior scientist - BP - Innovation & Engineering
29 September 2021

Seminar: Mixing, segregation and dry powder coating in an agitated vessel

Presented By Colin Hare - senior lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Newcastle University and a visiting senior lecturer at the University of Surrey
1 September 2021

Seminar - Functional Polymers for Energy-efficient Desalination

Presented By Dr Sheng Dai - Brunel University
22 September 2021

AACME Research Day

Presented By Information including timings on the day to be confirmed but do save this date in your diaries!
25 June 2021

AACME PGR seminar series

Presented By Vlad Kornienko - High Speed 3-Dimensional Characterisation of a Graded CdSeTe/CdTe Photovoltaic Device Using a Xenon Plasma-Focused Ion beam (PFIB) Naval Singh - Rapid and Reversible Trapping of Colloids in Microgrooved Channels by Salt Gradients Jack Wetherell - Reducing the cost of fuel atomisation simulations using dynamic meshing
26 May 2021

Fellowship opportunities with the EPSRC and the Royal Academy of Engineering

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26 May 2021

Seminar - Desperately seeking silicon

Presented By Dr Yimin Chao - Reader in Nanosciences - University of East Anglia
28 April 2021

LMCC Workshop

Presented By Materials characterisation staff
30 April 2021

Postgraduate Research Seminar

Presented By Chris Ellis (Aeronautical Engineering) and Barbara Bourgade (Chemical Engineering)
28 April 2021

Seminar - Multi-scale materials design for energy storage and conversion

Presented By Dr Qiong Cai - Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at University of Surrey
14 April 2021

Seminar - Valorisation of Solid Waste to Advanced Fuels and Materials

Presented By Dr Xiaolei Zhang - Senior Lecturer at University of Strathclyde
7 April 2021

Seminar - Nano-Formulation Engineering reactions

Presented By Dr Zhenyu Jason Zhang School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham
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31 March 2021

Advanced Heterogenous Catalysts for gas-phase CO2 conversion reactions

Presented By Dr Tomas Ramirez Reina, University of Surrey, UK
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12 March 2021

Lunchtime keynote: Doctoral Researcher spotlight and IWD close

Presented By Tymele Deydier (AACME), Chrissi McCarthy (ABCE), Chidinma Okorie (SSH), and Erin Prior (SSEHS).
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15 March 2021

LUWES Talk with Ella Barrington

Presented By Ella Barrington
3 March 2021

Postgraduate Virtual Open Day

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16 December 2020

Seminar - Paper-Origami Devices Enabling Rapid Testing of Pathogens

Presented By Dr Zhugen Yang - currently a Lecturer in Sensor Technology and holds a NERC Fellowship (2018-2021), also heading up a UKCRIC-sponsored Sensors Laboratory at Cranfield University. Dr Yang was a Lecturer at The University of Glasgow before joining Cranfield in 2019. He has also held a Marie Curie Fellowship at The University of Bath after a Postdoc at the University of Cambridge.
19 June 2019

AACME Research Day 2019

Presented By The School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering
10 October 2018

Engineering Placements and Careers Fair 2018

Presented By The School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering and The Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering
26 June 2019

Inspiring Minds: Engineering – Year 12 Taster Day