Working for Loughborough University

International applicants

Living costs

When choosing to live and work in the UK there are additional living costs which you need to consider.

Utility Bills

This is the term used to cover the running costs within a household, such as gas, electricity and water. You will be responsible for paying for your usage and it is important that when you move into a property that you make a note of the meter readings to ensure that you are only billed from your date of occupancy.  All properties will have an electricity meter and most will have a gas meter. Newer properties will typically have a water meter, but older properties may not. If a water meter is not present, you will be responsible for paying water rates, which is an estimate of the water you’re likely to use, based on the size of your house.

It will also be important for you to find out the current suppliers to your property. Water is supplied in the Loughborough area by Severn Trent Water.

Council Tax

Council Tax is used to pay for a range of local services, such as refuse collection, street lights and so on. The amount of tax payable is dependent on what valuation band your property falls into.  The tax is usually payable in 10 monthly instalments starting in April each year. If you are a sole occupant of a property you will be eligible for a single occupancy discount.

Find out more about Council Tax in the Loughborough area.

TV Licences

If you own a TV while living in the UK, you will need to purchase a TV licence. You can do this by completing a form and paying a fee at a post office or alternatively, you can make a payment online.

Rubbish and Recycling

Rubbish and recycling is collected from each property on a weekly basis. For information on what is collected and when visit the Charnwood Borough Council website