Loughborough University is an independent corporation established by its Royal Charter which was granted in 1966, and has the status of an exempt charity.

The University’s governing body is the Council which is chaired by the senior Pro-Chancellor, Christine Hodgson. The Council has 23 members, the majority of whom are lay members from outside the University drawn from business, the professions and public service. In line with the origin of universities as communities of scholars, there is also strong representation of staff and students on the Council. The members of the University Council are the trustees of the University in relation to its status as an exempt charity which is regulated by the Office for Students (OfS).


The Council is responsible for oversight of the all aspects of the work of the University and its strategic direction, subject to advice on academic matters from the Senate. The primary responsibilities of Council can be found on the Council committee page.

The Senate is comprised of around 50 members of academic staff drawn from the University’s Schools and the University Librarian. It is responsible for the academic work of the University and approves the use of the University’s degree awarding powers.

The operation of the University is governed by its Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations.

Senior officers of the University

The University’s senior ambassador, the Chancellor, confers Loughborough’s academic awards at congregations and plays an important role in the advancement of the University.

The University’s senior academic and administrative officer is the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor is the executive leader of the University and works closely with the Senior Management Team, Academic Leadership Team and other senior officers.