Student handbook

Regulations, behaviour and wellbeing

Regulations, behaviour and wellbeing

It is expected that you will follow the University's rules whilst you are registered as a student. These include both academic conduct in respect of exams, assessment and administrative processes, but also your behaviour and conduct whether on campus or off.

The University's rules are set out in the University Ordinances, University Regulations and University Charter and Statutes. Whilst you are not expected to know all of these in detail, you should be aware of their existence (and relevance to you as a student). The sections below highlight key areas of policy and the rules which are of particular relevance to students.


As a student of Loughborough University, your conduct and behaviour - both on and off campus - sets the reputation of the University and the entire student body. Maintaining a positive relationship with the local community is a priority to the University and it is expected that you will act accordingly to present the University and student body as well behaved, polite and mindful of the Loughborough community.

Please note that in order to discharge its duty of care to its staff and students, and to the wider community the University must be informed of any alleged criminal activity by students. If at any time during your registration on a programme of study at the University you are arrested; released without charge; released under investigation; released on police bail; cautioned; or convicted in relation to any criminal offence (excluding motoring offences for which a fine and/or up to three penalty points are imposed), you are required to report this immediately to the Academic Registrar. Failure to do so constitutes a disciplinary offence contrary to Ordinance XVII (Conduct and Discipline of Students).

Student Discipline

For more information on what's expected of you and the procedures involved should your behaviour drop below the appropriate level, please see the page on student discipline. This page also includes the paperwork you will need to complete if you are found guilty of a disciplinary offence and wish to submit an appeal. 

Harassment and Bullying

Loughborough University takes the matter of harassment and bullying very seriously and is committed to the elimination of all forms of harassment and bullying.  Harassment and Bullying can take many forms, often involving the abuse of power or position.  These terms refer to behaviour which is hostile and/or offensive to the recipient or others, and which unreasonably interferes with an individual's work, academic performance or social life.

Such behaviour can create an intimidating environment which undermines the integrity or dignity of the individual.  It is unwelcome and can make an individual feel uncomfortable, unsafe, frightened or embarrassed.  Such behaviour may be physical, verbal or non-verbal, but the common link is that the behaviour is unwanted by the recipient or others, is unwarranted by the relationship and would be regarded as harassment or bullying by any reasonable person

Further information and sources of support

The University’s Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service is here to support you with any concerns you may have about your mental health, wellbeing and barriers to education. The service consists of three teams

  1. the Wellbeing Advisers,
  2. the Counselling Team and
  3. the Mental Health Support Team.

There are a range of self-help resources available which are free to access, and which may help, or answer some of your concerns.

If you require further advice or support with emotional, mental health and wellbeing concerns or issues which are impacting on your studies and life at university, please complete the form below:


Sexual Violence Policy

Loughborough University and Loughborough Students’ Union adopt a zero tolerance position on sexual violence of any kind. 

See the Student Services policy page for more information about the policy and procedures relating to sexual violence.


Important regulations, ordinances and policies for students

University Statutes

Statute V (4) The Vice-Chancellor
Statute XIV (6) The Senate
Statute XXIV Appeals by Students

University Ordinances

Ordinance I Admission of Students
Ordinance II Status of Students
Ordinance XVII Conduct and Discipline of Students
Ordinance XXIII Traffic and Parking in the University
Ordinance XXXVIII Student Complaints Procedure
Ordinance XXXIX Ownership and Commercial Exploitation of Intellectual Property

University Regulations

Regulation I Library
Regulation VII Conduct of Examinations and Other Assessments
Regulation VIII Residence of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in the University
Regulation IX Registration, Attendance, Leave of Absence, Withdrawal and Transfer
Regulation XI Diplomas in Industrial Studies, Professional Studies, International Studies and Professional Development (Graduate Professional Development Award)
Regulation XIV Student Appeals against Programme Board or Module Board Decisions
Regulation XV Use of University Computing Facilities
Regulation XVI Tuition Fees and Payments for Other University Services
Regulation XVII Impaired Performance and Project Extensions
Regulation XVIII Academic Misconduct
Regulation XIX Hall Committees
Regulation XX Undergraduate Awards
Regulation XXI Postgraduate Awards
Regulation XXII Taught Programme Internal and External Examiners and Review and Programme Boards
Regulation XXVI Higher Degrees by Research