Student handbook

How we use your data

Your Student Record

Your student record is a combination of the personal details you provided to the University when you registered at the start of your studies and information regarding your programme of study/modules.

It is important that the University holds accurate and current information about you in order to:

  • Contact you (this is of particular importance during the Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Contact someone (e.g. parent, spouse) in the event of an emergency (this is of particular importance during the Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Determine fee status and financial support eligibility
  • Meet our obligation to return statutory data on students.

The student self-service facility allows you to view and update some of the information in your student record. If the information shown in self-service is incorrect, it is vital that you correct it.

You can check your module registrations for the current academic year on LEARN.

At the end of each Part of your programme, you will be able to access your results from the My Results page.