What you can do

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7 steps to becoming more sustainable

Ever wondered what you can do? Being a little bit more sustainable is not has hard as you may think! Follow the simple steps below and you can do your bit to be a little bit greener both here on campus and at home. Even the smallest actions can all have an impact.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference on campus and in your local area, Why not follow our 7 simple steps below and do your bit.

Step 1 - Stay in the loop

  • Follow our social media
  • Read and sign up to our newsletter
  • Check out our blog

Step 2 - Reduce Reuse Donate Recycle

  • Carry re-usables
  • Donate
  • Know your bins

Step 3 - Travel Sustainably

  • Try walking
  • Try Cycling
  • Try Car Sharing
  • Try Public Transport

Step 4 - Reduce your Energy

  • Don't Standby… It's Better OFF to Switch off before you leave
  • Find out how much energy you use

Step 5 - Shop Sustainably

  • Shop plastic free at Green Pea
  • Support local businesses
  • Find local businesses and community initiatives that help promote a circular economy

Step 6 - Get involved

  • Come to one of our events
  • Green League
  • Sign up as an Environmental Champion
  • Make contact with the Environment and Ethics team to find out what opportunities and events are available

Step 7 - Try a student society (for students only)

  • LAGS
  • Environmental Sustainability Society
  • Vegetarian Society
  • Loughborough Greens Society