Email, Teams & OneDrive

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Share, collaborate and communicate with your Loughborough Office 365 account.

Loughborough University provides all students and staff with a Microsoft Office 365 account. This includes access to multiple sharing and collaboration tools including Email, OneDrive and Teams – your workspace for collaborating, communicating, file sharing and meetings.

Outlook Email

Loughborough University provides all students and staff with a Microsoft Office 365 email account (mailbox quota of 50GB).

As a student, your email address will be based on your name and year of entry (e.g.

Your department will use your student email to contact you about important messages regarding your course. The University also shares news, events and other information using email.

The Outlook Web App allows you to access your email, calendar and contacts online from virtually anywhere, on almost any device, without the need to be on the VPN.

Outlook on the web Setup Outlook on your mobile device Guidance for dealing with spam/phishing emails

Microsoft Teams

Teams is designed to be the “place where you do your work”. Everyone in a team can access, edit, and co-author the files. You can also add members external to the University to join and collaborate.

Teams gives you the ability to host online meetings, share content, collaborate on documents, create task lists for project planning and it gives you the perfect space for groupwork. It is a collaboration and communication platform with a range of features that include:

  • Text chat: for short, asynchronous messages
  • Files: to create, store, and share documents with others
  • Video and audio conferencing: for meetings
Microsoft Teams - How to guides Microsoft Teams for Teaching and Learning MS Teams on the web


This is your personal secure cloud storage space available through your Loughborough University Office 365 account. You can save and share large files and work collaboratively with colleagues and externals. OneDrive files are private unless they are explicitly shared with others.

OneDrive is pre-installed on all staff desktop managed devices. 

Your Loughborough OneDrive account provides you with a place to store, share, and sync work files with anyone and on any device. 

  • 5TB storage capacity per person
  • Added security through encrypted data, ensuring no unauthorised users can access files
  • Automatic syncing and backing up of files
  • Quick and easy recovery of deleted files
  • Streamlined accessibility from any device and any location
  • Ability to share and edit documents alongside others

Save space with OneDrive:

  • OneDrive Files On-Demand helps you access all your data storage within OneDrive without having to download everything, saving space on your device.
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