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Below are some comments from students who accessed our service in the past.


The disability service was a great help to me. The staff were always friendly, helpful and willing to go above and beyond what was necessary to make my experience at Loughborough better. The equipment loan meant that I didn't have to get behind on my work, and when it came to requesting my own equipment from student finance, the process was made quicker and easier with the help of advice about DSA. Although studying at Loughborough can be intimidating or confusing, knowing that I had constant support if I needed it meant that I could get the most out of the experience.

 Helen, English graduate, Asperger Syndrome


The whole team helping me with work as I am deaf - I cannot tell you how useful it has been as there aren’t enough superlatives!! I wish such support had been available during my undergraduate days.  All the staff I have dealt with have been fantastic - even when ad hoc events arise they have been able to provide support for me, and as I am unable to telephone (due to deafness) they gave me a mobile number so I could text - now that is what I call support!!

My assessment for DSA was also dealt with very professionally and I was dreading it, but I was put at ease at once and the report generated was completely accurate.  I felt that someone had really listened & understood. 

I have also been able to attend and take part in lectures, and to some extent seminars, although this remains a problem as other students are wary of me and the technology needed to ensure I can participate. But if you were concerned about coming to Uni then go ahead – you’ll get all the support you need!

Rebecca, PhD student, Hearing Impaired


I have received a great deal of support from the Disability Office, including: emotional support and practical advice regarding how to explain my problems to tutors, receiving excellent technology that has assisted my course, being provided with specially made chairs for use in my University room and for lectures.  I found the Disability Office very easy to access, the ladies in the office are always keen to help with any problem, and my advisor is always prompt at replying to emails and solving problems. 

I also have a note-taker in all of my lectures, and I have the notes emailed to me on a weekly basis.  My advisor has also had meetings with my head of department in order to arrange extra time, or find other ways to go about doing a piece of work - for example, as a verbal assessment rather than a written essay.  DSA is also excellent - I didn't realise I'd be able to be provided with so much equipment! The Disability Office and Assessment Centre dealt with my case in a prompt and efficient manner definitely couldn't fault them!  

All is excellent, and have made my time at Loughborough much easier!

Sallie, English, Physical Disability


The meeting with regards to my dyslexia assessment was great as it informed me about which areas were weak and which were strong. The help I received was also good in directing me towards facilities I was quite frankly unaware of.

The Disability Office has been busy this year and therefore I have sometimes struggled to make appointments with them, however the appointment system gives you the allocated time to express your issues.  I have also been to the drop in service once and the dyslexia advisor helped me greatly. She directed me towards many people who could not only help with my academic issues but personal as well. She exuded a very friendly and caring nature making it very easy to express my feelings and opinions. She also reassured me during what was a very stressful time for me.

Tom, Business School, Dyslexic


All my support is very useful in encouraging and building my growing confidence and awareness. It was easy to find out quickly what I needed to know/do. Everyone has been helpful; my experience is of friendliness, sensitivity, patience and very good advice from everyone I’ve been in contact with. I have been enabled in many ways to deal with my difficulties, actually minimising their detrimental effects and building on strengths which I had not recognised; opening up a way to function in the education environment and improve my personal life.

The DSA process was confusing for me. Disability Staff made it very easy to understand and cope with. Disability Support at Loughborough is a valuable effective and essential service.

Stephie, School of Art, Dyslexia and MH issues


The disability office is very accessible. They are always working longer hours. There has always been someone in the office that could help me or point me to the right person/s. I have accessed the drop-in service on several occasions. This was very useful when I have had a busy week packed with lectures and have no time to call and book an appointment.

All the staff members in the disability office are very friendly, helpful and professional.  From the first day you start accessing the office, everyone knows you by first name. This is quite important as it put me at ease and made me feel more comfortable.  In particular, I am very grateful to my disability advisor who has given me her time and attention at such a short notice.  With her experience, she was always quick in understanding the situation; showed compassion; and provided prompt and appropriate advice to progress further.                             

Unfortunately, I found the DSA process difficult, always asking a lot of probing questions which often made me feel uncomfortable, but my disability advisor helped me to deal with it in an appropriate and constructive way.  The DSA support provided a series of equipment which has helped me with my studies, but the biggest support has been the people in the Disability Office.   I am now nearing the end of my degree and I know the support will carry on until I finish and well beyond.

Sesha, Mechanical Engineering, Dyslexia and Cerebral Palsy


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