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Living off-campus

If you are thinking of living off campus, we suggest you do the following:

1. Don’t rush into renting

There are risks associated with signing up early. If you sign a contract as a group you could be liable for each other’s rent for the duration of the tenancy, even if your circumstances change.  So, for a typical 5/6 bed property in Loughborough your personal and shared liability to the landlord could be £30,000 or more irrespective of whether you move into the property or not!. 

So what might change?

  • Friendship groups
  • Exam results might not be as hoped for
  • Study plans may change
  • Family circumstances

2. Look for accommodation off campus via studentpad

We advise you to apply through StudentPad. All properties on StudentPad have been inspected by the Student Accommodation Centre and all landlords have been accredited by Decent and Safe Homes Accreditation (DASH).

3. Check out Marks Out of Tenancy for landlord agent and property reviews

The Students’ Union has teamed up with Marks Out of Tenancy where you can see how previous students have rated their landlord or letting agent and accommodation.

4. Ask current tenants for feedback when viewing the property

5. Check out our online guidance and checklists

6. Book an appointment to get your contract checked by SASS before you pay or sign anything


Also, take a look at our dedicated webpage (click in the image below) where you can find:

  • An overview of all the options available for living on and off campus
  • Our video guide on why we recommend taking your time before committing yourself (including why there is pressure to sign up early, the consequences if you do and the advantages in waiting)
  • Our video guide to house hunting including five points to consider before you look
  • A video clip on house hunting from a student's perspective and their experience
  • A guide to using StudentPad to find accommodation accredited by Decent and Safe Homes (DASH) and inspected by the Student Accommodation Centre
  • Living off campus FAQs
  • Student Advice and Support FAQs
  • Living on campus FAQs
Click on the image below for more information