Contacts and Complaints

The University has regulations which make it clear that good behaviour is required on and off the campus. Comprehensive systems are in place to deal with incidents and complaints of anti-social behaviour by students.

Reporting an Incident or making a complaint

Residents wanting to report an incident or make a complaint should do so by phoning 01509 222141. This is a phone line operational 24 hours a day in the security control room. You can report a Covid-19 breach to the University. Read more about how the University is responding to breaches by students.

If the law is being broken (e.g. violence, vandalism), residents should always ring the police. Always ask for an incident number to ensure the details are officially logged.
Please phone 101 or 999 in an emergency.

How the University deals with incidents and complaints

The University has regulations which make it clear that good behaviour is required on and off the campus.

The University will first seek to identify whether its students are involved in the incident/complaint. Naturally, it cannot be held responsible for the actions of other students in the town.

  • Wherever possible University security will respond to/attend incidents as they happen.
  • All incidents are followed up by the University's Community Warden scheme.

The details of all complaints made to the University are shared with Leicestershire Police and Charnwood Borough Council following a data-sharing agreement signed in 2013. Weekly meetings take place between the agencies so that a co-ordinated approach is taken to managing all complaints.

Follow up action in response to complaints may be taken by one or more of the agencies. The University may undertake disciplinary action against students found to be in breach of University regulations.

Other incident reporting and complaints

Any other incident reporting, or complaints by residents should, in the first instance, be made to:

Community Relations

Complaints reported per month to Loughborough University

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