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Please be aware that you need to be in receipt of Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) in order to access 1 to 1 Specialist Study Support. If you have any queries about this please contact DSA@lboro.ac.uk

Specific learning differences (SpLDs) include dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder (AD[H]D).  These are often interlinked and relate to the way your brain processes information.  This can have benefits, but it also can present you with difficulties.

Every student assessed as having a neurodiversity is unique.  However, dyslexia, dyspraxia and AD(H)D can afffect: reading, writing, memory, concentration, maths, time management and organisation. These factors can have an impact on your studies. 

Neurodiversity is not related to intelligence and there are many positive aspects associated with it. These include: creativity, good communication skills, an ability to work well visually and in 3D, problem solving and holistic thinking.

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The specialist tutors who work to help us are fantastic

The specialist tutors who work to help us are fantastic, they are needed very much.  I wish I could take them home as they are so helpful.  I feel that I have learnt so much, things which I never understood at school.  My life has been made so much easier as I have been given the skills which I had needed all my life.  I see a change in my planning (in my studies and everyday life), reading, writing and understanding many skills.  Not just have I been given skills which I need but also confidence and an understanding that being dyslexic doesn’t mean you’re not clever.  My tutor tells me I doing very well, I’m intelligent, and is always making me feel good and positive.  Thank you.

Thanks for all your help and you will be pleased to know my project is/was one of the best in the department,  I got 78% (30 credit module) – really appreciate your help.

Thank you for all your help and patience with me and my thesis.  Your help with sorting out special arrangements for my viva made such an unbelievable difference. I have passed my PhD!  You are really wonderful.  It wouldn’t have happened without you and our colleagues in CDS.     I am now a Dr!     Yeah!!   I still can’t believe it !

My tutor has been absolutely staunch in her help and guidance.  Her help with editing and structure have been most useful and I am very thankful to her pointing out when I have waffled or gone off on a tangent. 

Thank you for all the support and guidance

… thank you for all the support and guidance you have given me and I will never forget you, and when I pass my masters would like that phone of the graduation?

Thank you so much for your amazing help over the past months.  I feel like my writing has really improved and I feel so much more confidence in my ability now.  You have made a huge difference in my marks and I actually enjoy writing now!

Just a quick email to say thank you for the help you gave me in writing my essay.  I recently got the grade back for it, which as an ‘A’ (couldn’t have asked for much more).  Many thanks once again.

My tutor has been such a help this year, I honestly couldn’t have done without her.  She has really been there for me; it has also been so nice to talk to someone whilst stressed!  I feel so proud with what I have achieved and my confidence has grown!  Thank you so much.

I just wanted to share that I got 2:1

..I just wanted to share that I got 2:1 !!! not only that but it was in the mid 60s so it was a solid 2:1! Thank you for all your help and patience.

The help I’ve got to do with planning time has been great.  PDF writer is a really good software for it.  I’ve also had really useful help in breaking down essay questions and planning essays.  Also, thanks a lot for help on Christmas revision plan! :)

When I first came to the university, I was overwhelmed by the work, not understanding what was required, how to structure the work and just generally really anxious about it.  The sessions have been extremely helpful, helping me put together the work and in understanding and structuring arguments correctly.  After my first assignment, I was so pleased with result and I believe that it was because of the help I received in the sessions.

The support helped me do my presentation well as I don’t think it would have been as successful without it.  It helped me know where to begin.

My grades have vastly improved

This year I have used my study support appointments every week and my grades have vastly improved from my first year where I was regularly getting 2:2s. With the help I have received I have bumped up into the 2:1s and I even managed to get a 1st!!  These sessions are ­extremely important to me and my work, so don’t cancel them because they WORK!! Thanks for all the help! 

This term’s sessions have been excellent.  You have provided useful ideas on a weekly basis, keeping me positive about my time management – both weekly and for Christmas revision – it’s helping me immensely.  If I were as diligent in following your advice as I ought to be, then I would be on track for a first without a doubt!  I have gained an awful lot from my sessions and only wish I had started sooner.  My organisation now is in a different league after just one term and I think by the end of the year I will have caught up with the rest of my year.  These sessions allow me to fight my corner despite the challenges I face.  Thank you.

The dyslexia screening was excellent.  The tutor provided me with information and help which would have been useful regardless of the psychological assessment.  She made sure that I was comfortable and she was reassuring.  She never made me feel incapable.  I really appreciate it.

Really useful to have support and guidance – has resulted in me having a much better and more productive second semester – don’t think I would still be at uni without them.  Thank you.

Brilliant resource!

Brilliant resource!  Really helps me to start assignments with confidence.  I have noticed a lot of improvement within my written work of the time I have received support.  My vocabulary bank has expanded and my sentence structure improved.  I have found a structure/work method that suits my learning.  All this would have been hard to achieve without my weekly support.  Thank you.

I would like to thank everybody at the Study Support Service for the help I have received during my final year studies.  The techniques and strategies I have learned have had a huge impact on the quality of my work and have given me a massive confidence boost in areas where I have historically struggled.  Thank you for taking the time to work with me and for teaching me how to make the most of my strengths whilst managing my weaknesses. Both your help and advice regarding my project work and my organisation skills have been invaluable and I know that my grades will be considerably better off for it.  I hope that anybody seeking assistance from the Study Support Service in the future has as positive an experience as I have had.

I found it helpful to talk about exam techniques, report writing, spelling and memory techniques.  My tutor made it simpler to learn as I’m a visual learner.

I have found these sessions “BRILLIANT” – give me the confidence in my essays to push on, at the same time improving my English.  Definitely going to book further sessions next year!

Tutors help me organise myself

My tutor has been so good with me in my sessions.   She wants to know exactly how I need help and will just get on with it (which is what I need).  She’s very patient and easy to talk to.  She’s helped my greatly by helping me organise myself and my work schedule.  Thank you.

I have found these sessions really useful.  I enjoy my topic and discussing it with my tutor.  I get a better idea of what it is I am trying to say and how to structure my essays. I have found her to be really helpful and supportive.


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