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Identity cards

Identity (ID) cards are produced in Human Resources working closely with Security and Facilities Management.  The process is dependent on receiving the correct paperwork and photos. 

This guide aims to answer questions you may have on ID cards and provide you with contact details of those who are involved in the process.

Who is eligible for an ID card?

includes those on permanent, temporary, and casual contracts

includes Academic Visitors and Honorary Appointments

To assist with security and as a deterrent to crime, University Council requires all employees to display a staff identity (ID) card on University campus.

How do I get an ID card?


Permanent and temporary members of staff are requested to upload a recent passport style photograph to Human Resources when they accept their offer of employment with the University. If you were unable to upload a photo when accepting your contract, please send a digital photo to detailing your full name and start date. 

Casual members of staff who are being paid on the claims payroll should take their confirmation letter, confirming their casual employment to the Security Office along with a passport sized photograph.


Academic visitors should supply a digital photograph to Human Resources. 

Honorary appointments need to request an ID Card from Human Resources. 

*Please note cards take at least 24 hours to produce once Human Resources have input new members of staff on to the computer system*

Where do I get my ID card?


All permanent and temporary staff may collect their cards from People and Organisational Development (Room 1.03, Rutland Building) the day they start. The card includes the photograph together with name and staff identity number. Cards will only be ready for collection if photographs have been received in time. Casual members of staff will be telephoned or emailed to collect their card from People and Organisational Development once the information and photo has been received from the Security Office.


Academic Visitors can collect their cards from People and Organisational Development (Room 1.03, Rutland Building)Cards will only be ready for collection if photographs have been received in time.

Honorary appointments, please go to People and Organisational Development, where a photo will be taken and your card produced whilst you wait (please note that this can only be done if the ID machine is working on the day).

How much do ID cards cost?

Cards for new starters are free of charge. 

Replacement cards cost £7.95. If your card has been lost or stolen the charge will still apply. If your card is damaged or broken you must let us see the card and we will produce you a new one. In these circumstances charges will be at the discretion of People and Organisational Development.

What can my ID card be used for?

In addition to being a proof of identity, these cards can be used for access to the library, Swimming Pool, Powerbase Gym, Holywell Fitness Centre and other sports facilities, to activate the vehicle control barriers and, in certain departments, to gain entry to buildings and printers

If you require parking

The appropriate car parking fee must be paid to the Security Office before your card can be used at the vehicle control barriers. 

Why doesn’t my staff card work at the vehicle control barriers?

  • The first thing to do is ask Security to test your card in their reader. They can also advise you if you have the correct access that you require.
  • Is your card split or broken? if so, the barrier will not read the strip correctly.
  • Have you paid your car parking fees?
  • Have you paid the correct amount of money?
  • When you tried to use your card “What was the weather like”?  If your card got wet you may have to dry it before putting it through the card reader.

Why doesn’t my card let me into a building?

Some buildings have restricted access. Have you been given permission by your department to access the building? Has your department passed the information on to Facilities Management helpdesk?

I am a student but work part-time at the University. Will I get a staff ID card or can I continue using my student card?

In exceptional circumstances where you will need to gain entry into buildings you will need to contact People and Organisational Development to be issued with a staff ID.

Why can't I have the name I want to be known as on my ID Card?

Providing you have notified People and Organisational Development of your preferred forename, your ID Card will automatically be printed with this. If you have not indicated a different preferred name the system will default to show your first forename as recorded within iTrent.