How to complete an EIA

The analysis should describe how the work takes account of these needs.

A pro-forma template with guidance is available. This provides prompts that support the delivery of the aims and principles set out in this policy.

What needs to be done following an EIA

If any differential or adverse impacts are found then further action may be needed to negate the impact.

Completed EIAs must be approved by the Dean, Director or Committee or Group with ownership of the policy or process.

Where adverse impacts are found that are assessed as unavoidable, guidance must be sought regarding the legality of the impact. HROD should be approached regarding impacts on staff and the Academic Registry, or Student Services as appropriate for impacts on students.

The responsible Dean, Director, Chair of committee, or their delegated EIA reviewer should ensure that a log of completed EIAs be kept.  The log will be used to provide an audit trail, but importantly, will also create a knowledge bank from which practise can be developed.

It should be noted that completed EIAs can be accessed via FOI requests.