Chemical Engineering


20 Jan 2022

Loughborough’s Department of Chemical Engineering to feature in upcoming documentary

Loughborough’s Department of Chemical Engineering will be featuring in a documentary set to premiere next week, which examines how the university is training the next generation of chemical engineers to tackle global engineering challenges.

The documentary has been produced by ITN Productions Industry News in partnership with the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) to mark IChemE’s centenary year. It will premiere on the institution’s YouTube channel at 09:00 GMT on 25 January.

Presented by Sharon Thomas, the documentary features interviews with industry experts, as well as news items and editorial profiles, and will showcase films from several businesses and organisations from across different fields of chemical engineering.

Loughborough’s segment focuses on how the department is training its students to drive the sustainable revolution in the chemical engineering sector, and features interviews with Professor Jin Xuan – Head of Chemical Engineering, current MEng student Rachael Shodeinde, alumnae Alex Wright – now employed by Croda Europe, and doctoral researcher Tim Campbell.

The documentary will premiere on the IChemE YouTube channel at 09:00 GMT on 25 January.